14,000+ advisors rely on Portfolio360 to
A branded, tailored proposal is arguably the most important client-facing tool in the asset gathering process.
Yet all too often, proposals are afterthoughts: generic decks produced via inflexible, difficult-to-use ‘modules’ within your financial planning or portfolio management software.
If you can’t offer your advisors a single view of your B/D organization (and they can’t easily generate compelling proposals), you’re leaving money on the table.
Portfolio360 was built for a single purpose: make it easy for you to maintain (and your advisors to generate) proposals that capture attention and assets.
Portfolio360 works exactly how your firm works. As a result, your advisors enjoy a true single view of the entire organization.
Most proposal generation tools can’t account for the many intricacies of your B/D or RIA organization. As a result, creating truly tailored proposals devolves into a manual and time-consuming process. With Portfolio360, you can provide your advisors and sales desk with a true single view of your entire organization:
- Your platforms, models, managers & approved products
- Your channels, advisor segments & advisor types
- Your client & risk profiling questionnaires
- Your marketing library and investment content
- Your branding, look & feel
- Your business & compliance workflow
Let’s face it... if software requires an instruction manual, it’s too hard to use.
Portfolio360 is just plain easy:
- Easy for you to set up & maintain
- Easy for your advisors & sales desk to use
- Easy for your IT team to integrate
And perhaps most important:
- Easy for clients & prospects to understand & act
Showing how a recommended portfolio has historically performed is one thing. Helping clients understand how and why that recommendation came to life is quite another.
To that end, Portfolio360 lets you configure and create a number of client-focused modules such as Current Holdings, Risk Profiles, Income Needs Analyses and more. As a result, your advisors can easily collect the information required to make the best possible investment recommendations.
Easily construct and maintain platforms and models with a full set of data from Morningstar. Select the product data you need, including:
- Mutual Funds
- ETFs
- Closed End Funds
- Separately Managed Accounts
- Unified Managed Accounts
- Individual Equities
- Annuities
When it comes to portfolio analytics, you can utilize Portfolio360’s robust library or include your own.
You and your advisors have worked hard to build your respective brands. Yet most existing proposal systems limit you to a name the cover and a small logo in the header or footer.
Portfolio360 lets you import and utilize your entire marketing library and applies your firm’s branding guidelines to every proposal that’s created. It also allows advisors to communicate their value proposition by customizing proposals with their team, mission, vision, bios, photos & more.
We understand the importance of having tools that are as mobile as your advisors and customers.
Portfolio360 was developed using the latest device-agnostic code – which means it’s fully functional and offers the same great experience across desktops, laptops, iPads and a variety of other tablet devices. There’s never a need to download (or pay for) additional apps or plug-ins.